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WE WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN YOUR TRUST AND DELIVER BEST SERVICE IN PEST CONTROL Redlands, Brisbane Southside, Logan, Brisbane Eastside & Bayside suburbs


As a pest control company we’ve been around for 20+ years and possess local knowledge like no other, we’ve invested our time and money on latest products and technologies this process has helped us design effective control plan to eliminate, prevent and maintain results, Our pest staff update they skill through constant training programs with industry leaders making sure we deliver the best service plan, I’d say they are fully licensed and insured. It’s true most people cringe at creepy crawlies- if your major problem is Cockroaches, Silverfish, Spiders, Fleas, Ants, Rats/Mice and Carpet Beatles we customize pest control and prevention plan to suit your home or office.

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Pest Control Tips

Our treatments include spraying all skirting boards, using cockroach & ant gels in sensitive area like in the kitchen; we place insecticidal dust behind pictures & photos on the wall, in your roof cavities & wall cavities. A barrier is sprayed on the outside of your house.

Internal pest management includes a thorough inspection & a full 12-month warranty period.

Exterior pest management includes a thorough inspection& a warranty period which will be determined.

Rodent Problem: A complete inspection to assess the extent of the problem will be done & a program will be discussed with you as to the best & most cost-effective method for you.

Moreton Bay Carpet Care & Pest Management is an environmentally responsible company. All our products are registered & approved for use in Queensland.

What's Bugging You? We’re Experts In All Types Of General Pest Control Service In Redlands, Logan, Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Eastside & Bayside Suburbs

Our pest control experts know exactly how to help handle any pest infestations in your home or commercial property. We believe many homes and business properties already suffer from pest infestations. Redlands, Logan, Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Eastside & Bayside suburbs has many such buildings that are highly susceptible; call us now we are simple fast, cost effective.

Are you hunting to find the best pest control in Brisbane south, Brisbane Eastside pest control, Pest control bayside or pest control service Redlands we’re who you’ll call pest management service?

We offer experienced pesties with decades of industry knowledge and skill, we’ve made countless friends, have become a household name, known for local knowledge like no other, we also advise you on any environmental conditions specific to your home or commercial area causing your pest problems.

Are you still thinking? Pest Control service you need to know!

We use safe and effective methods making sure we take care of your health. Book your appointment today we service after hours and weekend, customised service to fit within your schedule. Want to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact today.

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Pest Control Service

  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Rats/Mice
  • Carpet Beetles

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    Rafter’s Services did a great job would recommend them

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    Rafter’s Services very professional and great service would recommend them

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    Reasonably priced, friendly service

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    Lovely to deal with, professional and friendly

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    Great job & professional

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    Good bloke. Organised

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    Rafter’s Services provided excellent pest control service we would use them again

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    They were very prompt, offered the best quote, completed the job very well and delivered great service.

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    We have used Rafter’s Services, we would recommend them.

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    Very prompt and efficient

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    Rafter’s Services were punctual, completed the task on time we would recommend them

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    Thanks to Bob for his assistance with an ant problem today, not an ant in sight this evening!

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    Very impressed so much so that I am using them again on my own home. I used them to clean carpets at my son's home before they move in.

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    Thank you for your comments Gordon, it's appreaciated you used our services.

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